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unang tagpo posted at 11:08 PM

And so, after many attempts, I am blogging again. Hopefully, this time, I can maintain it. I probably still have a number of blogs floating around the Internet, but I swear this will be the last (but then again, that's what I always say). 

Apart from this blog, there are quite some things that I have started anew this year. I've gone back to live in Makati now, I've started attending the University of Makati, and have even gone to perform with a new cover group. (Sorry, After Shock eonnis!) Anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly, not just with this new blog, but with my new life as well, which brings me to answer the question, Why am I even starting this blog?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked, How does one start blogging? What do you do when you blog? Answering her questions made me realize that blogging is something that I missed, and micro-blogging via Twitter doesn't quite make the cut when I have so much to share. The Ukay Princess is not just about my thrift shop adventures, but about my daily misadventures as well, and I hope that my future readers will not tire of reading them. 


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